Zetes Customer Day

For the Zetes Customer Day, I designed two creditcards, a little booklet for the day of the convention, a graphical presentational wall, took care of the photographical documentation of this day, and more. Talking about tracking and tracing, this is it.

Zetes Customer Day
Zetes is a system integrator for Identification & Mobility solutions for goodsID and peopleID using state of the art communication technologies.
Zetes solutions are based on technologies like ImageID (Visidot), Voice picking, Print & Apply, Labeling, Mobile Computing, RFID, WLAN, GPRS, Bluetooth and the Zetes Medea Logistics Execution software.

Customer goods are identified accurate, secure and reliable to optimize supply chain traceability. Starting-point of this optimization is a seamless integration with back office systems (ERP and WMS).

The Zetes solutions are applicable in a variety of verticals such as Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Retail, Government, Service and Healthcare.

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