Tres Hombres - fairtrade rum. Best rum of the world!

Tres Hombres is an initiative that thrives on combined passions; sailing, traditional ships, shipbuilding, crew training, a healthy environment, good harmony and of course rum! Tres Hombres stands for enjoying life. Like a message in a bottle, the ship contains a dream about reviving traditional sailed cargo shipping, a dream that has already partly been fulfilled. At this Tres Hombres ships rum in from the Caribbean without fuel or engine in the tradition of the old rum runners, the worlds only Fairtransport rum. Since 2010, the ship transports a specially produced edition of this special rum making it available only in Europe! It is traditionally shipped from the Caribbean by rum runner ‘Tres Hombres’ without fuel or engine! The distillation process is followed by years of maturing in American oak barrels, using the Solera process and the addition of the unique touch of a Cuban master blender. These limited edition bottles are hand labelled and loaded into the ship’s belly by hand. Depending on the weather, the bottles spend up to two months in the hold of this engineless cargo sailor. Man and ship fight the elements the way it used to be done in the old days, delivering their cargo safe, sound and dry at the homeport. All this is done on an environmentally friendly journey over the Atlantic Ocean to introduce Fairtransport rum throughout Europe. The first and only authentic rum runner to exist in this millennium! Tres Hombres Rum is a collector’s item and recognisable as such; each year a certain amount of limited edition bottles are produced and shipped. This sustainable initiative is creating a name for itself within the international rum scene, its premium rums, specially bottled and shipped emission-free from the Caribbean.

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