Cinq Cinq viral / commercial.

CinqCinq is a lifestyle brand that brings people closer together by making life more intense, more fun, and more delicious. With a friend I created the concept for the film, did some webdesign and photography.

Cinq Cinq Viral / Commercial
The CinqCinq philosophy

Journey of the Senses
CinqCinq is about what you feel for someone, and the feelings that person can arouse in you: by focussing intensely on each other, by sharing emotions, by experiencing pleasure together. by arousing the senses you can share a journey of discovery. in doing so trust helps you to take the journey step by step. CinqCinq can open the door to a sensual and sensational journey of discovery. it's an adventure of the senses, which kindles and feeds desire.

Intimate Together
CinqCinq is also a story. It's your untold story. CinqCinq unlocks a narrative, which contains infinitely more than words. It's a scenario in which you can express who you are. And what you want. By feeling, listening and seeing, you come closer than ever before.

Passion and Pleasure
CinqCinq aims to be a celebration of the senses, an experience of breaking the boundaries. Liberation and victory all in one. Above all CinqCinq wants you to enjoy yourself and have fun with each other. By having the courage to give and to ask. You can experience the pure essence of passion by playfully and tenderly probing the boundaries and seeking out its beautiful form.

With a friend I did the concept of the short film, some parts of the webdesign and some photography. The post-production is done by Joppo from, which is the best post-production company in Amsterdam. Shot in studio West in Amsterdam, blackbox.
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